Lancaster, PA. USA

Waning Youth

Poems by Raven

Waning Youth

Waning youth,
eyes bright as the moon,
white orbs absorbed in hopeful tomorrows,
full of potential, uncommon are the sorrows
you have endured and witnessed,
life feeling so unfair, god’s on your hitlist

Questioning your circumstances,
you wonder how many chances
you have left to give your parents,
conflict and stress echoing in your chest.

Exposed to all their flaws,
Left feeling so raw,
Empathy hiding in an unknown space,
You fear you’ll waste your whole life to chase
After a family you’ll never know,
Abandonment overtaking your soul

You dream of the day they come back to reality,
until then you plan ahead, thinking their life isn’t for me,
You will succeed and push past your limits,
show those who have it all you found your courage, no longer timid.