Lancaster, PA. USA


Poems by Raven


The sunlight, bright in your eyes
Is reflected back to me in the evenings.
The solar glimmer, shimmering in your iris
Fading away, your expression lifeless.

Radiant girl, look up at me now.
You’re not alone; you’re figuring it out.
Recollect the pieces of your dreams,
Compromised to meet others’ needs
Reign in your hope and ambition.

Belief in yourself prompts the ignition
Of flames in those amber eyes.
So young, yet so wise.
An old soul, yearning to grow
Simultaneously petrified to show
Your youth and folly.

Find the light and forsake the melancholy.
The blaze in your pupil
Is a glimpse into the future,
Full of happiness and heartache
Do not keep the chains you break.