Lancaster, PA. USA

New Year’s Eve

Poems by Raven

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve,
together in the sheets,

you kiss my shoulder,
the stubble from your cheeks

caressing my skin,
sweet dreams drift across my vision.

I’m intently listening,
to the rhythm of your breath,

as it whispers down my spine,
I think of ways to stop time.

Another year lies ahead
and I wonder if by the end

I’ll see this same bed again.
Our new beginning continuing

into the new year,
I can’t help but feel my fear

of us no longer being together,
two birds of a feather,

swept up in similar lines of flight,
trying to do what is right.

We’re always moving forward,
yet fearful the other might get bored.

Engage me with your eyes
and put your hand in mine.

Continue to hold me through the night
and I promise we’ll be fine.