Lancaster, PA. USA


Poems by Raven

Light Within

Sweet child within, can you hear me
as you nestle in the chambers of my heart,
lulled by its slow beating.
I haven’t seen you in a while,
haven’t felt your smile within my chest.
Longing to be with you, I let my eyes rest,
searching within myself,
exploring territory and emotions never felt.
Sinking into the depths of my anguish,
I find you in the darkness
curled up in the corner, your eyes sparkless.
Sweet child, where did your light go?
Together we will seek it out,
let it illuminate our past and incinerate our doubt
Once found, we’ll hold onto that hopeful glow,
let love and patience grow
and bathe in the promise of tomorrow.


In the moment feeling so numb,
facing the loss of what we’d become.
Sweetly, you reached out your hand to soothe,
further showing what I had to loose.
Wishing for the serenity of your bed,
the conversation diverted, things left unsaid.
Usually I try to fill the silence,
but you get me, saying less makes sense.
I left you a letter after that mess of a situation
as an affirmation of my staying,
holding steadfast, pushing past my reservations,
thinking you are worth the pain,
verifies the risk worth taking.


The sunlight, bright in your eyes
Is reflected back to me in the evenings.
The solar glimmer, shimmering in your iris
Fading away, your expression lifeless.

Radiant girl, look up at me now.
You’re not alone; you’re figuring it out.
Recollect the pieces of your dreams,
Compromised to meet others’ needs
Reign in your hope and ambition.

Belief in yourself prompts the ignition
Of flames in those amber eyes.
So young, yet so wise.
An old soul, yearning to grow
Simultaneously petrified to show
Your youth and folly.

Find the light and forsake the melancholy.
The blaze in your pupil
Is a glimpse into the future,
Full of happiness and heartache
Do not keep the chains you break.

Yesterdays Forgotten

I wish so dearly for the dawn to come
My nights in agony have almost won
The terrors of my heart no one can sum
A fleeting tear runs down my cheek; it’s done.

My dreams are tarnished by encumbered sleep
Deprived of hope or light to guide me on,
To speak of friends, I have none to miskeep
Inward I contemplate my life withdrawn

Existing in a world I cannot shape
The pressure of my days has drawn so bleak
Oh how I wish I could make my escape
The undiscovered country I do seek

Alone, I draw my last transient breath
Tomorrow has already come and left

Plant Matter

Stifled in the dark,
stretching and twisting like a work of art.
I yearn for the window,
grasping for the sunlight, hoping to grow.
After some time you finally notice
my body limp, almost lifeless.

Hoping there by the window I’ll begin
to soak in the sunlight,
you whisper secrets into my leaves,
promise to never again displease,
wishing for me to grow full and green.

Almost ready to flower, budding at the seams
reaching my potential, at night I dream
of reaching the sun
once there I’ll never leave.
Scorched by its fiery kiss,
consumed by radiant energy,
it’s pure bliss.

Waning Youth

Waning youth,
eyes bright as the moon,
white orbs absorbed in hopeful tomorrows,
full of potential, uncommon are the sorrows
you have endured and witnessed,
life feeling so unfair, god’s on your hitlist

Questioning your circumstances,
you wonder how many chances
you have left to give your parents,
conflict and stress echoing in your chest.

Exposed to all their flaws,
Left feeling so raw,
Empathy hiding in an unknown space,
You fear you’ll waste your whole life to chase
After a family you’ll never know,
Abandonment overtaking your soul

You dream of the day they come back to reality,
until then you plan ahead, thinking their life isn’t for me,
You will succeed and push past your limits,
show those who have it all you found your courage, no longer timid.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve,
together in the sheets,

you kiss my shoulder,
the stubble from your cheeks

caressing my skin,
sweet dreams drift across my vision.

I’m intently listening,
to the rhythm of your breath,

as it whispers down my spine,
I think of ways to stop time.

Another year lies ahead
and I wonder if by the end

I’ll see this same bed again.
Our new beginning continuing

into the new year,
I can’t help but feel my fear

of us no longer being together,
two birds of a feather,

swept up in similar lines of flight,
trying to do what is right.

We’re always moving forward,
yet fearful the other might get bored.

Engage me with your eyes
and put your hand in mine.

Continue to hold me through the night
and I promise we’ll be fine.

Your Lips Alone

Enamored by your lips,
Bewitch me with your kiss.
The way you wet them taunts me
when you whisper secrets down my body.
Supple as they move, eager to soothe
the prickling of my skin- excited,
the feel of your hot tongue- pleasure ignited,
searing sensations move down my neck,
put your lips to mine and shorten my breath.
Playfully nibble my collar bone,
velvety soft, gliding across, making me moan.
I crave them close and pressed against my own,
Our bodies so compact that our chests
beat out a rhythm of seduction,
the melody of our tongues in time with bodies’ percussion.

Still Around

A crest of snowflakes graces your crown,
that deep chestnut brown,
luscious and meticulously placed,
save for the one loch betraying,
cheekily hanging,
swaying above your forehead,
concealing fading lines of dread
as you catch your breath,
a slow rise and fall of your chest.

Your crown of melting snow,
trickles of water begin to flow,
one droplet caresses your temple,
unfelt, you’re distracted by thoughts unknown.
Treating your connections as the fleeting seasons
seeing various kinds of precipitation,
meeting someone new fills you with elation.
Feeling elevated, you remember your last fall,
the trepidation of your heart breaking,
brings you back down for fear of elimination,
your chest now only a fraction
of what it used to be.

The love and loss it’s seen,
hopeful to meet
those who can expand its quarters,
replace its broken brick and mortar
with impenetrable walls,
a single gate withdrawn
allowing in only those who call
you to the version of yourself
you can’t help but pursue.
Connections, old or new,
constantly redefining who you
are and what you represent,
your time precious, carefully spent.

It’s not yet apparent
what you are to me,
we are still feeling it out,
enjoying each other’s company.
Unsure of the perceptions of society,
we agree to be discreet.
Don’t let them see our intimacy,
keep our connection underground.
You’re unsure how I feel having to sneak
expecting me to seek an out,
I haven’t, because I like how it is right now.
Surprising to you, I’m still around.


Frustrated that I even hesitated
as I halted before the door,
my eyes reading the sign,
illustrating society’s core
values in gender delineation.
Why must we fear humiliation
for basic human rights?
People constantly putting up a fight.
Both bathrooms the same,
but we assign them a gender,
constantly trying to register
the different hormones in our brains.
Each containing one toilet, sink and waste can,
but one is marked only for man.
As a woman, waiting in line to pee,
Does it matter when in a single stall no one will see
what’s in between my legs?
False claims of violence plague our society,
villainizing those who cry silently,
overlooked, misunderstood, asking for basic acceptance
as rapists in office serve no penance
for their heinous crimes.
Sick and tired of seeing the signs
a man in pants, a woman in a dress–
Why can’t they just be genderless?
If everyone has to shit,
what’s the difference?
In my opinion, it’s none
of the government’s fucking business.

Fruit Tarts

The single bite of an apple signified women’s loss of purity.
Women are more complex than the story of Eve.
Some women are like a peach,
Extra hair than what is considered beautiful mainstream.
Some women are like a pear,
cherish their curves that are able to bear

Take care to note that I said “able” not “required”
Women are in control of their bodies,
unbeholden to what society has desired.
Some women are like grapes,
full-bodied in shape
ripening into a fine wine,
Women everywhere– goddesses divine.

Some women are like a lemon and sour,
ready to devour anyone who would hold them down.
Women, no matter their fruit, are all produced
initially as a flower,
Conditioned to be fair and fragile
In a world that will take advantage of them,
women have been left to fend for their rights.

Some women are like a pomengranite
and require a certain finesse to glean their seeds.
Given enough care and effort,
the taste of their effervescent juice,
will leave you washed in ecstasy.

Women, all unique, wonderful fruits,
ripe in age or exploring your youth,
We are all goddesses divine.
We live in a world that treats us unkind,
harvesting our fruit before its time.
Constantly trying to rectify
the rules of our society,
and yet if we persist,
we just might see,
a world ruled by justice and equality.

Serenity Fading

The serenity of Fall is fading away,
And as it does, the more I crave
Those blood orange kisses,
That steeped hibiscus,
The tea staining my lips,
It’s god damn delicious.

Walking in the last warm rain,
Each drop contributes to my train of thought,
My mind racing, feeling the hastening of my pace,
Wasting no breath greeting those adjacent
To my urban waltz.

Stepping in time with the crossing signs,
3 and, 2 and, 1 and, yes sometimes
I back step to move ahead,
Impatient, ready for my destination.

Meeting you at Square One,
The shop that’s always brewing a fresh pot
Of your favorite coffee.
I picture you sitting there, wet hair, waiting for me.

I reach that oh so familiar door,
Only five steps between me and your
Sideways smile.
I breathe in the aroma,
Spot you in the back, your expression idle.

I want to smooth the crinkle in between your brows,
I can feel your tension, it arouses a frown
from my lips.
Your mug full, rim unkissed,
Steam long gone
A deep breath drawn
In from the tired body across the table.

Daring to break the silence,
I ask you about your day,
And all of a sudden there’s a change,
The haunting of your thoughts filing away
And there you are staring back at me,
Your expression thawing out, a sigh of relief.

I want to share your pain,
Parcel out your burdens to me
So we can tuck them away,
Into two beating chests
Containing pieces of secrets, carefully hiding the unrest
Of our childhoods.

Different demons gleaming
In the space behind our pupils,
Afraid of them being revealed,
We compromise, seeking other people’s approval.

I know you won’t take it from me,
But I whole-heartedly believe
That we will make it.
All the things we’ve seen
Have become knowledge we can use to free
Ourselves from repeating the same mistakes.

As though we are forever walking in the rain,
We are constantly cleansed,
Never forgetting that we had to fend
For ourselves, gone through hell
And yet we are still here.

Here, kissed by hibiscus,
Warming our bones together,
Taking in the moment of our shared existence,
Even though pain is a constant unknown,
I still wouldn’t miss this
Because there’s more room to grow.

What You Are

I saw you the other night—dressed up, hair neat,
Walking down the street with local brews in hand, a beautiful girl by your side.
An unmistakable date night.
Don’t worry, you didn’t blow it.
She didn’t even notice the ounce of hesitation
In your story’s presentation as your eyes met with mine.
I lifted my chin, reinvigorated my stride,
Absolutely no hesitation this time.
In the past you may have shaken my pride,
But it’s here with me now, healed and fortified.
The distant pain of your touch fading into scars, carefully hidden.
The only thing outlasting the pain is your failed recognition,
Of what you did and what you are—

Electric Friction

From the moment we met, your touch was ammunition.
Use it against me, I want to feel our electric friction.
A dopamine overdose, intoxicated by your existence.
Diving right in, skin on skin,
Giving way to new exploration,
Kissing here, touching there, a build-up of anticipation.

Lash me with lavendar– a lavish sensation,
A blissful radiation, a sensual craving.
Ravish my flesh. Don’t stop, no rest.
Poison my lips with your pomegranate kiss,
Lather me in your sweet honey,
show me just how badly you want me.
Our bodies intertwined, disassembling the meaning of time.
Lost in the moment, pleasure rolling our eyes.

A current of ecstasy arcing through my spine,
Rapture abstracting the thoughts in my mind
Wrap yourself around me, the stroking of our bodies
Generating a tsunami of tumultuous waves,
Drowning in a sea of dopamine,
Swallow me whole, nothing left to glean,
Our bodies decimated, but our souls clean.

Opportunity Awaits

Opportunity unearthed at the closing of the year,
It was made for you, it calls to you. Reach for it.
As the leaves fall, all you see is their golden glow,
Reflecting on your hopes and dreams.
You think, for once it’s happening for me.
Everything falling into place, forgetting all the past heart ache,
Looking forward, your struggles paying off.

Skipping down the city street, you trip on the sidewalk.
The jostle to your brain puts you in a haze,
Wake up the next day to rain—something is off.
The golden glow is covered in a heathered hue, subdued by the clouds.
The opportunity now seems not only too good to be true,
But hiding something more.
Opening that door, do you dare step through?

Or trust your gut walk the other way?
Taught to reach for opportunity, be grateful when it graces you,
You can’t decide what you want to do when it no longer computes.
Self-sabotage or self-preservation?
Three years of a college education and you shut the door
On your first moment to shine?

Remind those around you that your world contains more than one door.
Opportunity will knock again, and you will answer,
Cautious and kind, knowing who you are and what you are willing to compromise.
Golden leaves will come again,
but maybe even before then you’ll see the sunlight call you to another opportunity.
It doesn’t twinkle in the dark, it doesn’t have you skipping down the street,
But it quaint, comfortable and meets your needs.
Opportunity comes in many forms, be true to yourself and you’ll find yours.